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AGL Inhalation Therapy

For over forty years, Inhalation Therapy Company has been supplying medical cylinders, liquids, bulk gases and related equipment to New Jersey’s and New York’s hospitals, outpatient and ambulatory care, nursing homes, police and fire departments, ambulance corps, doctors and dentists. To ensure our customers are provided the highest quality products possible, we house our own FDA registered and ISO 9001:2008 certified filling and testing operations.

Inhalation Therapy is capable of producing clinical blood and lung diffusion mixtures, laser gases, artificial atmospheres, sterilant gas mixtures, drug and device gas, and analytical calibration gases. In addition, Inhalation Therapy supplies medical oxygen, air, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen and nitrous oxide packaged in high pressure cylinders and bulk applications.

Inhalation Therapy’s all-in-one EMDI-GO I and II portable oxygen cylinders are a patient ready solution to your needs. EMEDI-GO I and II have an integrated regulator and cylinder which reduces your down time and handling costs by taking out the need to repair a regulator, or waste time looking for one. In addition, Inhalation Therapy’s cart system makes deliveries a snap by rolling in a full cart and rolling out the empty one.

Inhalation Therapy provides a full line of storage cabinets, carts, regulation devices, manifolds, cryogenic freezers, concentrators, CPAP, BIPAP machines, disposables and much more. In addition, Inhalation Therapy offers rentals and repairs on concentrators, CPAP, and BIPAP machines.

Above all, Inhalation Therapy Company can provide you with the solutions to your medical application needs. Since 1964, Inhalation Therapy has been servicing the ambulatory care, out-patient surgical centers, nursing homes, hospitals, dentists and doctors offices with an experienced staff, and a wide variety of product offerings. Inhalation Therapy remains an industry leader by providing unbeatable service 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

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